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Study shows 60 percent of T&O professionals favor neonics

December 10, 2014By

A recent report provided neonicotinoids are the primary tools used by turf and ornamental (T&O) professionals to control destructive insect pests. The report, titled “The Value of Neonicotinoid Insecticides in Turf and Ornamentals: The Value of Neonicotinoids to Turf and Ornamental Professionals,” is one in a series that will be released over the next few months as part of a... read more

BASF details investments, innovations at Ag Media Summit

June 17, 2014By

BASF has invested in the North American market, the company said on June 11 at its Ag Media Summit in Research Triangle Park, N.C. Most of the investments fall on the agricultural side of the chemical company’s business, but some affect the turf and ornamental (T&O) and related markets. For example, the new Sultan miticide, with the active ingredient cyflumetofen,... read more