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Step by Step: Tips for routine mower maintenance

January 8, 2018By
illustrations: David Preiss

It’s important for contractors to perform regular maintenance on mowers to ensure their machines perform at peak levels for as long as possible. Routine mower maintenance is also a good way to identify minor issues that can be repaired quickly and inexpensively before they become major problems. There are a number of regular maintenance items that should be performed on... read more

John Deere shares mower service tips

June 15, 2016By

With landscape professionals on the cusp of summer, John Deere offered a refresher on how to keep tabs on key mower service intervals. The breakdown, per hour intervals, is as follows. Zero hours (brand new machine): Check and tighten wheel hardware. Also, change the engine oil and filter. Every 50 hours: Take a 10-minute break to ensure your machine stays... read more

John Deere offers winter prep tips

November 24, 2014By

With winter quickly approaching, John Deere compiled a list of preparation pointers for landscape professionals to power through the cold. They are as follows: 1. Machine care Keep machines ready for next year by cleaning the machine and deck, repairing chipped or scratched paint and lubricating grease points. 2. Properly store Follow proper storage steps as the end of fall approaches.... read more