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Troubleshooting common mulch problems

January 22, 2018By

Most landscape professionals understand mulching is one of the most important ways to maintain healthy landscape plants. When applied correctly, mulch prevents water evaporation from the soil, reduces weed growth, helps maintain an even soil temperature and provides many more benefits. But, mulching is not without its problems. Here are a few common mulching pitfalls and fixes, courtesy of Joey... read more

Case Study: Into the woods

January 8, 2016By

Forestry mulching proves to be a beneficial offering for Visual Edge—and its clients.  After posting a sign for “bush hogging,” Andrew Jenkins, president of Visual Edge, was flooded with calls. The inquiries were about clearing large, wooded areas rather than the simple overgrowth he had in mind. Instead of turning work down, he found a way to create a profitable... read more

Mulching vs. collecting

May 8, 2015By
Graphic: LM Staff

Despite evidence that leaving lawn clippings is good for turf, landscape companies sometimes face the mulch-or-bag question. Walk through the options here. If you do collect… There are many benefits to leaving clippings on the lawn. For example, mulching returns essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, back to the soil, says Mark Schmidt, principal scientist for John Deere. But sometimes bagging... read more

Throwback Thursday: January 2004

May 8, 2014By

You’re familiar with the terms, and you surely have heard them this month: “The busy season.”  “The grind.”  “Spring pressure.” Do you sense a nerve-wracking undertone from them? A solution to that is productivity—a term the cover story from the January 2004 issue of Landscape Management efficiently expands on. Titled “Productivity tips” by then-Contributor George Witterschein, the story lists 10... read more

Throwback Thursday: August 2002

February 6, 2014By

At the conclusion of my weekly visits to the Landscape Management archives, after I’ve placed the past issues back in chronological order and turn my heel away from the wooden bookshelves, the same thought lingers in my mind: We’re pretty good recyclers here at LM. Not because I pass an impressive amount of plastic bottles and paper in blue bins... read more

Grasshopper Mower

January 4, 2011By
Logo: Grasshopper Mower

Model 226V, part of Grasshopper’s new, cost-effective line of mowers, offers commercial power, a perfect cut, smooth handling and full-size features. Mow up to 5 acres every hour with a 26-hp Professional Series V-Twin engine with Advanced Debris Management System and 12-gal. fuel capacity. It also features a design-matched, commercial-grade Parker pump and wheel motor drive system to increase long-term... read more