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TAG: My biggest mistake

My biggest mistake: Robert Wilton

June 10, 2012By

Robert Wilton has lots of friends. As an accomplished landscape business owner, making connections comes easy. But one person that Wilton, who is now president of Clintar Landscape Management in Markham, Ontario, learned was not his friend was his banker. It’s a lesson he had to learn the hard way in his earlier years of business. After almost a decade... read more

My Biggest Mistake: Drewe Schoehholtz

May 19, 2012By

Knowing when to pursue a lead and when to back down has been beneficial for a New Jersey landscape business owner. Drewe Schoenholtz, owner of The Green Scene in Hopewell, NJ, says there’s a delicate balance between sizing people up incorrectly and what he calls “chasing the wind.” Finding that balance has come with years of experience in the business.... read more

My Biggest Mistake: Denise Putnam

March 11, 2012By

Denise Putnam, owner of Hands to Work Hearts to God in metropolitan Detroit, knows she lost potential business simply by the way she handled cold calls. So she changed her whole approach. “Whenever I got a cold call, the first thing they always wanted to know was how much I charge per hour,” says Putnam. “In the beginning, I made... read more

Bucks Country Gardens’ owner shares key lessons on handling collections

February 1, 2012By

Talking about money can easily make any relationship uncomfortable. That’s why Geoff Simpson, landscape manager for Bucks Country Gardens in Doylestown, PA, has learned that it’s best, whenever possible, to keep the landscaper and designer far removed from those tough conversations. He says having a separate accounts receivable (AR) department handle collections is best. “It’s easy for it to feel... read more

Bigger isn’t always better

January 1, 2012By

While many people tend to think of growing their company in terms of adding employees, Andrew Weilbacher says that having too many crews was a mistake for his business. It became tough to manage multiple crews and he was getting callbacks on jobs he didn’t personally supervise because mistakes were being made. For his small landscape business, he found that... read more

My biggest mistake: Joel Korte

December 1, 2010By

Joel Korte’s business was strong but depended heavily on only a few major accounts. When he lost one of them — and 30% of his business with it — he realized an important lesson.   In 2001, business was not only strong and stable but growing for Joel Korte, then-owner of Urban Environments, Inc., in Columbus, OH (Korte has since... read more