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NaturaLawn: Natural Alternative

March 4, 2021By

Don’t let your outdoor activities be ruined by pests! This year, protect all the members of your family from mosquitoes, tick and fleas…without chemicals. Natural Alternative is proud to offer two 100% organic, DEET-free mosquito-repellent options. Ditch the pests on your property with our easy-to-use Mosquito, Tick & Flea Control, with the peace of mind of not harming pollinators. Also,... read more

Natural Alternative: Ice Melt

October 18, 2020By

Snow pros depend on Natural Alternative Ice Melt. Snow and ice professionals depend on Natural Alternative for safer, effective and LEED compliant ice melt options. With Natural Alternative Ice Melt, you will use less product and have faster melting power than traditional ice melters. This saves money and storage space. Use our ice melt safely on driveways, parking lots and... read more

SafetyWatch: Ice melt safety

January 14, 2020By
Ice melt in action (Photo: Natural Alternative)

When it comes to applying ice melt products, there are a few things snow contractors should keep in mind to ensure it’s done properly and safely. Consider using a product that has a pattern indicator, which is a colorant, so you can see where you’re applying, especially during a snowstorm. Keep in mind that as much as 30 percent of... read more