NDS releases mobile app for drainage solutions

April 3, 2019By
Drainage app (Photo: NDS)

NDS launched a mobile app called Stormwater Drainage Tools. The new app can calculate stormwater runoff and determine requirements for implementing a variety of drainage solutions. “Our mobile app provides an easy and quick way for determining the amount of water draining from a property and the various ways water can be efficiently stored or managed,” said Sharon Vessels, vice... read more

NDS shares key benefits of drip irrigation

June 29, 2016By

NDS, a manufacturer of drainage and stormwater management, landscape irrigation and flow management products and solutions, released a list of environmental and financial benefits of drip irrigation to celebrate the upcoming Smart Irrigation Month in July. “By utilizing drip irrigation methods in their gardens, flower beds and landscapes, home gardeners can deliver the exact amount of water needed at the right... read more

NDS rebrands Agrifim, Flo Control products

May 31, 2016By

NDS, a manufacturer of stormwater management, landscape irrigation and water flow management products and solutions, is rebranding its Agrifim and Flo Control products as NDS—effective immediately. With the brand consolidation, Agrifim irrigation products will now be branded as NDS Professional Irrigation Products, and Flo Control Flow Management Products will be sold as NDS Flow Management Products. NDS acquired Agrifim in 1999 to... read more

NDS releases all-in-one drip line solution

May 10, 2016By

NDS unveiled its new Dura Flo CV Dripline. This drip line solution provides landscape and irrigation professionals with a new, higher level of water conservation for any irrigation project, all with no root intrusion, the company said. The dripper features a check valve to prevent low emitter drainage on shut down and anti-siphon capabilities to eliminate back-siphonage at each emitter. This... read more

NDS releases S5 Sustainable Stormwater Solution

August 25, 2015By

NDS, headquartered in Woodland Hills, Calif., released its S5 Sustainable Stormwater Solution, a scalable and flexible system engineered to meet today’s standards for on-site stormwater management. According to the company, the S5 offers up to 250 percent more detention volume than traditional gravel-only systems and qualifies for LEED credits. S5 uses a number of NDS components, including catch basins, channel... read more

Reinders slates conference for March 11-12

January 26, 2015By

Reinders is returning to the Waukesha County Expo Center in Milwaukee for its 22nd Green Industry Conference, scheduled for March 11-12. The Sussex, Wis.-based supplier has hosted its conference and trade show every other year since 1973. The event features educational sessions, a trade show with more than 80 suppliers and manufacturers, hot homemade donuts each morning, lunch, raffle prizes... read more