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Quali-Pro: Negate 37WG Herbicide

October 18, 2019By

Quali-Pro’s Negate 37WG Herbicide is a unique dual powered post-emergent Sulfonylurea herbicide for weed control in Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass. Sulfonylurea herbicides are effective at low use rates, making it a cost-effective choice. It provides the broadest spectrum of control within the ALS inhibitor class of chemistry. Negate is a low-odor formulation that’s excellent for commercial and public applications, with 25... read more

One-stop Poa annua control solution

June 20, 2019By

Michael Tye was introduced to Quali-Pro’s Negate when he was a spray technician. Now in his role as lawn care services manager at Crabapple LandscapExperts, he continues to trust Negate to help him and his team battle pesky weeds like Poa annua and Ryegrass in the Atlanta area. Check out this video to find out why. This video is sponsored... read more

Quali-Pro: Negate 37WG

May 10, 2019By

Negate® 37WG Herbicide is now labeled for residential turf. Negate 37WG is a unique dual-powered postemergent Sulfonylurea herbicide for grassy and tough broadleaf weed control in established warm season turfgrass. Contains Rimsulfuron 16.67 percent, Metsulfuron methyl 20 percent Available in 1.5 ounce. Sulfonylurea herbicides are effective at low use rates. Controls Ryegrass, Poa annua and other cool season grasses as... read more

Quali-Pro launches Negate Herbicide

March 11, 2013By
Photo: Quail-Pro

PASADENA, TEXAS—Quali-Pro, a division of Control Solutions, has launched Negate 37WG herbicide. Negate’s synergistic formulation allows turf managers to control more than 35 grasses and broadleaf weeds in Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass. Negate inhibits the growth enzyme acetolactate synthase (ALS), providing fast and complete post-emergent control. Negate also allows superintendents the ability to control problematic grasses such as Poa and ryegrass, as well as broadleaf weeds. “Negate is a... read more