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Profit Power: Getting to 20 percent net profit

January 20, 2016By

As I help my clients plan for a successful 2016, I’m reflecting on what separates the average contractor from the real winners (those in the 15 percent and 20 percent profit range). How proactive of a leader are you, on a scale of 0 to 10? Are you lower down on the scale, closer to 0? If so, you’re in... read more

Ep. 115: Benchmarking: High profit

January 29, 2015By

Kevin Kehoe of Aspire discusses what numbers in your financial reports matter most. He provides a wealth of business building and benchmarking ideas to help green industry professionals better understand their businesses as compared to the industry. One key takeaway or insight was for contractors that provide commercial landscape maintenance services. Net profits for a maintenance company are reduced when... read more

Web Extra: A profitable personal income journey

November 3, 2014By

In “How to boost owner’s income,” from the October 2014 issue of LM, Jeffrey Scott tackles this age-old topic. Here’s a real-life example of how one landscape company owner added to his wallet. For another contractor example, see this blog post. For five years I worked with a landscape company where the owner initially thought he wanted to build a... read more

How to boost owner’s income

October 22, 2014By

Many landscape business owners focus on building their revenue to build their wealth. There can be a correlation, but it’s not a direct one. To make a good return on your investment and earn an above average income, it’s critical to focus on the bottom line and work backward. The fallacy of 10 percent A study I conducted among my... read more

Keys to a profitable, financially stable business

January 15, 2014By

This post is part of a threefold summary of A Better Way 2 Learn Financials’ 2013 Financial Management TeleSummit.  Presented by A Better Way 2 Learn, Go iLawn and Landscape Management, the event was held in three, live, hour-long segments Dec. 3 to Dec. 5.  This is a wrap-up of the conversation “The Keys to a Profitable and Financially Stable... read more

The measure of success: net to owner

November 12, 2013By

How much should an owner pay him or herself? Some of you might say “as much as possible.” The real answer is a bit more nuanced. Let’s first define earnings. I define owner’s income as follows: Net to owner = a combination of owner’s salary and company net profit after company incentives and bonuses are paid out but before taxes.... read more