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Path to 12% profit — equipment

October 12, 2020By
Landscape equipment (Photo: Vectorpower / iStock/ Getty Images Plus)

LM columnist Kevin Kehoe describes how landscape professionals can reach 12 percent profit via the equipment key performance indicator. read more

7 strategies to get to 20% net profit

July 13, 2020By
Jeffrey's Pricing Pyramid (illustration: epic_fail/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Landscape Management columnist Jeffrey Scott lays out seven ways landscape and lawn care companies an achieve 20 percent net profit. read more

The path to 12% profit: The labor KPI

April 10, 2020By

Landcape Management columnist Kevin Kehoe explains how landscape companies can reach 12 percent net profit via the labor key performance indicator. read more

The path to 12 percent net profit

January 14, 2020By

I recently conducted a benchmarking webinar with Greg Herring sponsored by my company, The Aspire Software Co. The results were interesting and distressingly familiar. Less than 20 percent of the respondents (52 companies) had net profit greater than 10 percent. The benchmark for excellence is 12 percent. Therefore, this first of several columns is about how to get started on... read more

Profit Power: Getting to 20 percent net profit

January 20, 2016By

As I help my clients plan for a successful 2016, I’m reflecting on what separates the average contractor from the real winners (those in the 15 percent and 20 percent profit range). How proactive of a leader are you, on a scale of 0 to 10? Are you lower down on the scale, closer to 0? If so, you’re in... read more

Ep. 115: Benchmarking: High profit

January 29, 2015By

Kevin Kehoe of Aspire discusses what numbers in your financial reports matter most. He provides a wealth of business building and benchmarking ideas to help green industry professionals better understand their businesses as compared to the industry. One key takeaway or insight was for contractors that provide commercial landscape maintenance services. Net profits for a maintenance company are reduced when... read more