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Ep. 94: Sean Martini on sourcing your materials and equipment

July 30, 2014By

Sean Martini, outside sales manager of Lawrenceville, N.J.-based Britton Industries, discusses getting all of your landscaping materials and equipment from the same location. Martini says the business model of one-stop shopping can: Save you money Reduce the time and materials you use Organize your jobs more effectively Maximize efficiency by having materials delivered and debris removed simultaneously Sean Martini began... read more

Throwback Thursday: August 2002

February 6, 2014By

At the conclusion of my weekly visits to the Landscape Management archives, after I’ve placed the past issues back in chronological order and turn my heel away from the wooden bookshelves, the same thought lingers in my mind: We’re pretty good recyclers here at LM. Not because I pass an impressive amount of plastic bottles and paper in blue bins... read more

Landscape Live! Insight of the Night: Plant health care

January 2, 2014By

Last night on Landscape Live!, Barry Draycott of Tech Terra Environmental discussed the recent history of the treatment of tree, shrub and lawns for pests and how the process has evolved. It first began as a “cover sprays on calendar days” program, which was an “all in” system of just spraying wherever a pest might live. Integrated Pest Management (IPM)... read more

1-Minute Mentor: Glenn Jacobsen, LIC

October 14, 2013By

Meet Glenn Jacobsen, president, Jacobsen Landscape Design & Construction, Midland Park, N.J. How’d you get your start? I get asked that all the time. I got in this business just like many others did, cutting lawns in the neighborhood. That evolved into going to college and into the design part of the business. I started my business in 1978 in... read more

Canete tasked with managing Super Bowl snow removal

September 17, 2013By

Canete Snow Management of Wayne, N.J., was awarded a five-year contract to manage the snow removal at MetLife Stadium located in Secaucus, N.J., home to the New York Giants, New York Jets and the 2014 Super Bowl. The contract requires 843 workers to remove all the snow from the inside of the stadium. The snow must be removed, said Tom... read more

FD2B Talk Radio Insight of the Night: Creating a successful corporate culture

September 5, 2013By

Joe Pedatella says he no longer feels guilty to let go a bad employee. Yet, when his employees decide to fire themselves, what’s there to feel bad about? Let me explain. Pedatella focuses on instilling personal responsibility and accountability into his employees. For example, when one is habitually late, he will sit them down and remind them their job description... read more