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Keystone introduces three-sided retaining wall

April 17, 2019By

Keystone Retaining Wall Systems introduced Murino, a three-sided retaining wall with finished sides on each unit. Each unit in the two-piece system of the retaining wall is manufactured with both a 90-degree angle and a tapered angled side making the wall system ideal for fireplaces, fire pits, kitchens, benches and other outdoor living features that require 90-degree corners, tight-fitting, straight-line... read more

Coyote Products introduces steel landscape edging

March 12, 2019By

Coyote Landscape Products unveiled the PerfEdge steel landscape edging, which has a perforated design that allows surface water to drain from unwanted locations, keeping areas dry and usable. PerfEdge is available in 10-foot by 4-inch pieces in either 20- or 16-gauge thickness. Finishes include raw steel, galvanized or one of Coyote’s three EcoCoat colors: black, brown or green. According to Coyote,... read more

Atlantic Water Gardens adds fountains, columns to product offerings

January 30, 2019By

Atlantic Water Gardens has added stainless steel fountain nozzles and natural basalt columns to its product offerings. The fountain nozzles feature a range of vertical, horizontal and directional styles. One-inch frothy, jet and fan nozzles work with Atlantic’s newly expanded Flexible Basins, up to 8 feet in size, the company says. One-half-inch multi-jet, column, arching spray and horizontal cone nozzles... read more

Target Specialty Products launches Turf Fuel Root Down

January 25, 2019By

Turf Fuel Root Down is a product for turf professionals to strengthen plants, fight sodium and bicarbonates and enhance turf color. Launched by Target Specialty Products, the product will be available in February 2019. The Root Down 18-0-0 is a combination of acidified nitrogen, micronutrients and a strategic amount of surfactant. It is designed to be applied as a routine... read more

Takeuchi releases TB250-2 compact excavator

January 18, 2019By

Takeuchi-US released a new compact excavator, the TB250-2. Weighing approximately 11,000 pounds, the machine provides Takeuchi with a true 5-ton excavator offering that is well suited for a range of applications including landscape, general contracting and rental, the company reports. The excavator features a long arm with integrated thumb mount and a max dig depth of about 12.5 feet. Takeuchi... read more

Kawasaki unveils new engine and accompanying air filtration system

November 2, 2017By

Kawasaki Engines unveiled the FT730V-EFI engine and its accompanying air filtration system. The FT730V-EFI employs the 730-series engine block and features vortical air filtration (VAF), an air-intake methodology that focuses on getting clean air into the engine without also introducing external debris, such as loose grass clippings. Benefits of VAF include longer engine life, improved cutting performance and reduced maintenance... read more