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TAG: Nicole Wisniewski

Adapt to grow

January 1, 2011By

By Nicole Wisniewski I remember my first months in the landscape industry very well. In addition to writing about the state of the industry, crew sizes, tree transplanting, winterizing irrigation systems, designing landscapes for safety, preemergent herbicide application timing and landscape businesses and their owners, I covered the mergers and acquisitions announcements coming in at a rapid pace. The increased... read more

Now is how

October 1, 2010By

In August, our TV died. Initially, we looked for a replacement. We went to Sears and picked out a new Sony that was on sale. But the store manager gave us a hard time about their sale applying to that particular television, so we walked away. Instead, we took our itty bitty 19-inch, 20-year-old RCA from the basement and put... read more

Price is not always right

September 1, 2010By

Online forums like and give customers the ability to write reviews about small business services and ask each other questions about things like price. Recently on, I came across a customer named “Cindy.” Her landscape had become too big for her to handle, so she contacted landscapers for maintenance quotes. She got a price of $36 an... read more

Perfection obsession?

August 1, 2010By

I recently noticed something in my daughter’s behavior that concerns me. Before we leave a room, she likes to put certain toys away. And she’s very particular. The bear must be seated to the right of the elephant and the doll must have her shoes on. And all of the toy drawers must be closed — all the way. Not... read more

Oil & water

July 1, 2010By

While having a discussion about water, Andy Smith is, ironically, pumping gas. The external affairs director of the Irrigation Association is driving 250 miles to a meeting. And while, traditionally, oil and water don’t mix, these two diminishing resources — or, rather, their better management — are merged in Smith’s mind. One is observed daily, and then compared, analyzed and... read more

2010: A Turf Odyssey

July 1, 2010By

After talking to so many industry experts on the oil and water conundrum and its affects on the landscape industry, particularly how conserving these two resources is leading some groups to point to turf and plants as the problem, I started having nightmares. I pictured vast hillsides of turf and trees — lush and vibrant green — reduced to dusty,... read more