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April 12, 2018By

As a leading supplier to the lawn and landscape market, Nufarm’s U.S. turf and ornamental team delivers a portfolio of products meeting the value, efficacy and innovation demanded by the market to solve the daily pest and disease issues you face. Trusted products such as Escalade 2, SureGuard, Arena and Aloft have been your go-to products for years, and innovative... read more

Nufarm: Tourney Fungicide

March 14, 2018By

Fight tough diseases in turfgrass and landscape ornamentals with Tourney® Fungicide. As one of the most active fungicides on the market, it’s the go-to solution for effective control of a broad spectrum of diseases, including anthracnose, brown patch, summer patch, take-all patch, fairy ring, dollar spot, necrotic ring spot, gray leaf spot, snow mold and other patch diseases. Tourney offers... read more

Nufarm becomes exclusive distributor of select Valent products

February 21, 2018By

Nufarm Americas will serve as the exclusive distributor of select Valent U.S.A. Corp. branded products for the Industrial Vegetation Management (IVM) market, effective immediately. The expanded agreement combines the IVM product portfolios of both companies into one broad portfolio that will be sold by Nufarm Americas in the U.S. and now feature Valent Payload, Piper and Envoy Plus Herbicides. The... read more

Nufarm Americas: Cool Power

February 12, 2018By

Heat up post-emerge weed control in cool weather conditions with Cool Power® Herbicide. Designed specifically for cool conditions, the premium ester formulation makes Cool Power ideal for winter weed control, dormant warm-season turf and early season applications in transition and cool-season zones. Cool Power’s three-way combination of MCPA, triclopyr, and dicamba powers over many broadleaf weeds including hard-to-kill weeds like... read more

Nufarm: Celero Herbicide

August 9, 2017By

Celero® Herbicide is a selective, postemergence herbicide for control of sedges including kyllinga in established residential and commercial turfgrass, golf courses and sod farms. Imazosulfuron, the active ingredient in Celero, is a systemic sulfonylurea (SU) herbicide that translocates down to the roots to deliver superior sedge control. Labeled for both broadcast and spot treatment in cool- and warm-season turf, Celero... read more

Nufarm: Last Call selective herbicide

July 16, 2017By

Last Call™ selective herbicide contains a proprietary, patent-pending formulation of fenoxaprop, fluroxypyr and dicamba for strong control of crabgrass, including the mid-tiller growth stage. Plus, Last Call controls more than 40 other grassy and broadleaf weeds, including Bermudagrass, in cool-season turf and zoysiagrass. Labeled for most managed areas in ornamental, athletic and golf turf, Last Call is the first choice... read more