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Nufarm: EDGE Rewards

September 11, 2023By

Nufarm EDGE Rewards makes saving on landscape solutions as EZ as it gets. Running from September 1 through December 8, 2023, this early order program gives turf and ornamental professionals savings on popular plant growth regulator, herbicide, fungicide and insecticide brands for the upcoming season. These include Tourney® EZ fungicide in a new, easy liquid formulation and SureGuard® Xtra herbicide.... read more

Nufarm launches Edge Rewards early order program to help LCOs save

August 31, 2023By
Logo: LM Staff

Nufarm launches its Nufarm Edge Rewards early order program, which offers savings across the company's lineup of turf solutions. read more

Nufarm: Celero® Herbicide, Q-Ball™ Herbicide, and Quincept® Herbicide

June 9, 2023By

For Summer weed control, Nufarm has you covered. With a simple one-use rate, Q-Ball quickly eliminates crabgrass escapes and more. Quincept offers the perfect balance of power and performance to control both grass and broadleaf weeds. Plus, say goodbye to sedge with Celero, which delivers superior knockdown of yellow and purple nutsedge. Visit the Nufarm website for more herbicide solutions... read more

Nufarm: Aloft® LC Insecticide

May 11, 2023By

With preventive and curative control, one application of Aloft Insecticide effectively combats insect pests. Prevent troublesome surface- and soil-feeding turf pests – including white grubs – with a single early treatment or knock down existing pests with flexible application options from April to September. Plus, Aloft LC SC attacks Red Imported Fire Ants. EPA approved for fire ant control, Aloft... read more

Are those brown spots on the turf caused by billbugs or another pest?

April 28, 2023By
Hunting billbugs, found in warm-season turf, can overwinter as both larvae and adults which makes controlling them that much harder. (Photo: Syngenta)

When scouting, learn to make an accurate diagnosis and save valuable time and resources. read more

Tips for successfully managing Poa annua in lawns

April 5, 2023By
Experts say Poa annua is a difficult weed for LCOs to manage because of its ability to adapt to adverse conditions. (Photo: Nufarm)

Experts share how a combination of cultural controls and application best practices can give you a leg up on this pesky weed. read more