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Protect your Turf: Take control of billbugs, Poa annua and dollar spot

April 9, 2021By
Billbugs (Photo: Dean Mosdell, Ph.D.)

Experts from manufacturers Prime Source and Nufarm offer up their recommendations for Poa annua, billbug and dollar spot control. read more

Weed Avengers: How to tackle turf foes

April 8, 2021By
While violets are used commonly as groundcover they can escape to invade turfgrass areas. (Photo courtesy of PBI-Gordon Corp.)

Dallisgrass, clover, ground ivy and wild violet are some tough weeds lawn care operators face but experts share what to keep in mind to control them. read more

FAQs on PGRs

March 12, 2021By
Green lawn (Photo: dpe123/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Two experts from Nufarm and Greene County Fertilizer Co. share how plant growth regulator use can benefit turf and ornamental care companies. read more

Persistent problems: Tough weeds, part 2

January 19, 2021By
Broadleaf plantain (Photo: Syngenta)

In part 2 of this series on pesky weeds, experts explain how to identify and control broadleaf plantain, spurge and doveweed. read more

Weed Avengers: Pesky no more

December 7, 2020By
Common purslane (Photo: Nufarm)

Technical experts from FMC, Prime Source and Nufarm give the lowdown on how lawn care operators can combat three tough weeds. read more

Nufarm: Edge Rewards Program

November 28, 2020By

Nufarm’s 2021 program is designed to bring lawn and landscape professionals an edge. Improve profit and efficiency with increased savings on more solutions including TriStar, Tourney, 4-Speed XT and Manor. Nufarm is a leading provider of high-performing turf and ornamental solutions – and participating in Nufarm Edge Rewards brings you savings on more than 35 popular Nufarm brands. Nufarm Edge... read more