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Eliminating ground ivy

November 15, 2019By
Ground ivy (Photo: Nufarm)

A creeping broadleaf weed identified by its scalloped leaves, square stems and, in some cases, blue-violet flowers, ground ivy is sometimes misidentified as mallow, henbit or purple deadnettle, according to Mike Sisti, golf and lawn care market manager at FMC Corp. It tends to germinate in the spring in cooler areas with high moisture such as the Midwest and Northeast.... read more

Nufarm: Cheetah Pro

October 25, 2019By

Exclusively from Nufarm, new Cheetah Pro non-selective herbicide controls more than 190 emerged grass, sedge and broadleaf weeds — even those resistant to glyphosate and multiple herbicide classes — around ornamental trees, shrubs, potted plants, landscape trim and natural areas. Formulated to deliver powerful on-contact control with minimal soil residual, Cheetah Pro is also ideal as a pre-plant treatment for... read more

Combatting hop cover

October 9, 2019By
Hop clover (Photo: iStock.com/scisettialfio)

Lawn care operators can spot hop clover by its lemony-yellow flower and oval-shaped leaves that are grouped in threes. “Identification is the key,” says Jason Fausey, director of technical services at Nufarm. “Hop clover is often misidentified with common yellow woodsorrel, which also has a yellow flower but has heart-shaped leaves.” As hop clover is a true annual, lawn care... read more

Nufarm to highlight new 2020 Edge Rewards Program at GIE

September 25, 2019By
Logo: Nufarm

Nufarm announced plans for GIE+EXPO, including the opportunity to learn about and register for the 2020 Nufarm Edge Rewards early order program. Sure power tech presentations GIE attendees can visit Nufarm booth #22110 at 11 a.m. or 2 p.m. on Oct. 17, to hear Nufarm tech expert, Jason Fausey, Ph.D., discuss the latest performance results and opportunities surrounding Sure Power... read more

Nufarm renews its presenting sponsor commitment to GreenCare for Troops

August 19, 2019By

Making the promise to ease a burden and provide peace of mind by caring for the yards and lawns of deployed military personnel is what the GreenCare for Troops program stands for, and standing behind that mission are thousands of professional lawn and landscape volunteers across the country. Nufarm and Project EverGreen announced the company’s recommitment of $150,000 to help expand... read more

LM Gallery: August 2019

August 16, 2019By

A couple of snapshots that depict where the LM team has traveled over the past couple of months, including Renewal & Remembrance and a Bayer media event. read more