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A closer look at Oregon’s 120-volt products

October 25, 2017By

While at GIE+EXPO 2017, LM caught up with Oregon Product Manager Paul Vanderwal to learn about how the new 120-volt lineup—which includes products such as a new string trimmer, blower, edger, hedge trimmer and string trimmer—stacks up against not only electric equipment, but gas-powered as well. read more

Oregon: Gator SpeedLoad trimmer head system

June 25, 2017By

With the Gator® SpeedLoad™ trimmer head system, reloading no longer means wasted time and spools of loose, tangled twine. The unique, pre-wound reload disk pops into place in seconds. With durability up to twice that of standard line, reloads are less frequent as well. gatorspeedload.com read more

Site touts low prices, flat-rate shipping on parts

February 13, 2017By

Contractor Supply Club (CSC) is a membership website that claims to sell parts and tools to landscape contractors at better prices than Amazon and eBay. The Michigan-based business was founded by brothers and “serial entrepreneurs” Brian Maynard and Jason Maynard. As former contractors, they said it’s frustrating to search online for the best prices on the parts they needed to keep... read more

New Stuff: UTVs, kinetic log splitter and more

November 10, 2016By

1. LandStar LS48V Company: American Landmaster Made in the U.S., this electric-powered UTV tows 1,100 lbs. with a 2-in. rear receiver hitch and carries 400 lbs. in a 9.25 cu. ft. bed. Its 48-v motor reaches speeds up to 22 mph. It lasts about 38 miles on one charge, and the regenerative braking system decelerates the motor to recharge the... read more

Oregon intros Kinetic Log Splitter

September 28, 2016By

Oregon expanded its lineup of log splitters with the addition of the Kinetic Log Splitter. The new log splitter features two, precision-balanced, 70-pound flywheels spinning at 325 rpm to create and store kinetic energy. A pinion gear system applies that stored energy from the flywheels and drives the log through the wedge in roughly 2-3 seconds with minimal to no kickback, according to the... read more

Leveling the playing field

April 16, 2015By

Manufacturers explain why nongas handheld equipment is nearer than ever to the performance of gas-powered competitors. Josh Flowers’ first few years of heading up Eco-Lectric Landscape Maintenance, located in Bradenton, Fla., were less than ideal. He was using consumer-quality handheld products to serve a 90 percent residential client base. “It was horrible,” he recalls. The power and necessary runtime just... read more