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Paladin Attachments: Bradco Hardscape Grapple

February 26, 2014By

Mount the new Bradco Hardscape Grapple on skid-steer loaders, compact tool carriers and compact tractors for quick and easy handling of materials such as concrete paver sections, small boulders and granite/limestone/concrete steps. As a hydraulically powered alternative to forks, pry bars and brute strength, the attachment’s grapple arms and rubber grips adjust automatically to the shape and contour of the material being grasped without additional... read more

Paladin Construction Group: FFC V-Blade

May 20, 2013By

The FFC V-Blade attaches to skid steers and compact wheel loaders up to operating weights of 13,200 lbs. It easily adjusts to achieve straight, left/right, scoop or V-position, providing the versatility needed to efficiently remove snow from walks, driveways and parking lots. It comes in blade widths ranging from 60 to 120 in., and is available with a Hydraulic Sequencing... read more

Paladin Construction Group: FFC Tree Spade

December 25, 2012By

The FFC Tree Spade provides a quick and efficient way to accomplish your tree and debris digging, carrying and placing needs while maintaining visibility. It has no moving parts, requires virtually no maintenance, has a low original purchase cost and is simple to operate. The FFC Tree Spade is available in 36-, 40-, 44- and 48-in. ball sizes and easily... read more