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Project EverGreen and partners revitalize California park

December 20, 2017By

Project EverGreen and Hunter Industries—along with the Southern California Sports Turf Managers Association and other local landscape contractors and suppliers—joined forces to revitalize parts of William Bradley Park in San Marcos, Calif. The playing surface of the park’s Field #3 had become uneven due to the settling of decomposing organic matter—the park was built on a former landfill in the... read more

Magna International donates $100K to Project EverGreen’s Detroit park renovation

October 16, 2017By

Magna International contributed $100,000 to Project EverGreen to support the national nonprofit organization’s efforts to renovate a Detroit park. Pingree Park spans 18 acres in a multigenerational neighborhood on Detroit’s East Side. The renovation work was determined with support from community groups and will include: Improving the natural grass surface through grading, aeration, overseeding and nutrients; Pruning the tree canopy... read more