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Black Diamond Coatings reveals its Paver PreTreat

March 29, 2018By

Black Diamond Coatings released its Paver PreTreat, a product designed to seal porous pavers. Paver PreTreat implements color-enhancing nanotechnology to block the pavers’ pores, according to the company. “Many of the new paver designs have more colors and textures, which can be more porous than pavers of years past, requiring more sealer to achieve the necessary protective coat,” said David... read more

Pavestone, Tremron unveil new product designs

January 17, 2018By

Pavestone, a Keystone Hardscapes producer and manufacturer of segmental concrete products, introduced four new pavers to its CityStone series. The new additions to the CityStone line include the following: CityStone Demi 6cm Incorporates an equal-quantity combination of units of 4 by 4 in., 8 by 8 in. and 8 by 12 in.; Designed for light vehicular applications in repeating runner... read more

Paver products: Which do you prefer and why?

April 17, 2015By
Photo: Pine Hall Brick

Sam Duff President, Timberwood Landscape Co. Dublin, Ohio “Unilock is my preference for the wide range of pavers, and the accents are second to none. Their territory managers are extremely helpful, always available and provide amazing sales support. I have to say that in terms of quality products and working relationship, there is no other manufacturer that even comes close.” Zac... read more