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Belgard releases new porcelain paver line

July 19, 2019By

Belgard unveiled its newest product line: Belgard Porcelain Pavers. Manufactured in Nashville, Tenn., the latest addition to Belgard’s catalog of products is available for for the 2019 building season. “Belgard Porcelain Pavers are the first of their kind to be produced in the U.S., and we are excited to make these products available to our valued contractors, dealers and homeowners,”... read more

Natural Paving USA debuts new jumbo pavers

November 19, 2018By

Natural Paving USA unveiled its new Jumbo Pavers. The pavers come in two sizes: 6- by 3-foot and 4- by 3-foot options, both with a thickness of 2 inches. The 6- by 3-foot pavers are available in Harvest and Promenade, and the 4- by 3-foot pavers are available in Harvest. Ideal for pool decks, patios and matching counter tops, the... read more

Pavestone, Tremron unveil new product designs

January 17, 2018By

Pavestone, a Keystone Hardscapes producer and manufacturer of segmental concrete products, introduced four new pavers to its CityStone series. The new additions to the CityStone line include the following: CityStone Demi 6cm Incorporates an equal-quantity combination of units of 4 by 4 in., 8 by 8 in. and 8 by 12 in.; Designed for light vehicular applications in repeating runner... read more

Specifix launches new AR app

November 20, 2017By

Specifix launched its new augmented reality (AR) app for flooring and pavers. “We are excited to make this technology available to the paver industry,” said Jerry Freeman, president of Specifix. “We believe that this will simplify the way products are promoted, sold and purchased and elevate each experience.” The AR app uses Specifix technology to overlay the actual product onto... read more

Step by Step: How to lay interlocking pavers

July 21, 2017By
illustrations: David Preiss

Interlocking pavers can add aesthetic appeal to driveways, patios and walkways. Pavers are also known to be stronger than poured concrete and are easy to maintain and repair. Before laying interlocking pavers, it’s important to create a well-compacted, stable base. Begin by excavating all unstable or unconsolidated subgrade material. To estimate the depth of excavation needed, consider the final grade... read more

Belgard: Dublin Cobble

July 17, 2017By

A true classic, Belgard’s Dublin Cobble paver has a gently distressed surface and antiquated edges, offering timeless sophistication. Smaller than other paver options and featuring a wide array of shapes, the Dublin Cobble creates a casually elegant, time-worn look recalling the hand-laid stone of centuries-old Mediterranean villas. The Dublin Cobble is ideal for customers that prefer a classic look for their walkways and... read more