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NALP discusses the latest news from DC

January 13, 2021By
Image: LM Staff

Britt Wood and Andrew Bray talk about the second round of PPP loans, the results of the Georgia runoff elections and the turmoil at the U.S. Capitol. read more

The Herring Group webinar recap: PPP Flexibility Act

June 30, 2020By

Greg Herring, CEO of the Herring Group, recently hosted a webinar on the PPP flexibility act and how to apply for loan forgiveness. read more

Turf Books launches PPP loan services

June 2, 2020By

Turf Books, accountants to the lawn care industry, launched a new service to help lawn care companies prepare an accurate Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan application and maximize their loan forgiveness. “The benefit to using this service is having a CPA, enrolled agent or degreed accountant with knowledge of the lawn care industry plan where appropriate and prepare your application... read more

Finance expert Herring summarizes PPP loan safe harbor

May 13, 2020By

The Small Business Administration (SBA) released FAQ 46 today related to safe harbor for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. It is copied below. Here is the summary: • Under $2 million PPP loan (in aggregate with affiliates – a defined term): Borrowers will be deemed to have made a good faith certification concerning necessity. • Over $2 million PPP loan:... read more

How to keep your company solvent during COVID-19

May 11, 2020By
Crews working despite pandemic (Photo: LM Staff)

LM columnist Daniel Gordon, CPA, describes how different landscape companies can stay solvent during the COVID-19 crisis. read more

Grow with Grunder: Focus on what you can control

May 11, 2020By
Crews working despite pandemic (Photo: LM Staff)

Landscape Management columnist Marty Grunder describes how landscape company owners and managers should focus on the items they can control. read more