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How to pay by piecework

July 12, 2015By
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Some companies advocate paying by the man-hour rather than an hourly rate. See why. Piecework is paying your employees according to the work they accomplish, instead of paying them for the time it takes to do the work. At CLIP Lawn Care, each job our company performs is rated in credits or man-hours. Each hour one employee works on the... read more

Lease or buy?

June 11, 2015By

Pros + Cons Leasing and buying are the primary ways landscape contractors add to their fleets, but don’t forget about renting. Here are some pros and cons for each option. Buying +Pro: Residual or resale value. You can trade it in down the road to offset the cost of the next equipment you buy. +Pro: Asset depreciation reduces your tax... read more

Bruce’s View: Can we pay more?

April 1, 2015By

How can we afford to pay more for our employees when our customers want to pay less for our work? Wow, it’s the million-dollar question. Especially in the landscape maintenance industry, which is more price-driven than ever. And if we did pay more, would it be worth it? Here’s what I observe in the industry: -We hire at the lowest... read more

Ep. 120: Subcontracting your design work

March 4, 2015By

Patrick DuChene of DuChene Design Solutions and Jody Shilan discuss the pros and cons of working with an independent designer for your company. DuChene and Shilan explain the concept of outsourcing your design work to an independent designer as opposed to hiring someone to do the work in-house. As an independent designer himself, DuChene pointed out that he is like... read more