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11 experts discuss turf care innovations, predictions

April 23, 2019By

Ten lawn care chemical companies discuss the products that maximize efficacy and minimize environmental impact read more

Shut down sedges

March 22, 2019By
Photo: PBI-Gordon Corp.

Here are some tips to identify the yellow and purple varieties of the weed and keep your turf sedge-free. read more

PBI-Gordon issues 2(ee) spotted lanternfly recommendations for Zylam liquid insecticide

February 25, 2019By

PBI-Gordon Corp. issued Section 2(ee) recommendations for use of Zylam liquid systemic insecticide for the control of spotted lanternfly. The invasive insect has spread throughout several states in the northeastern U.S. and has been known to weaken or kill fruit crops, and ornamental and timbering trees in the region. This additional use recommendation is permitted under Section 2(ee) of the... read more

PBI-Gordon to intro Union Fungicide SC

February 13, 2019By

PBI-Gordon Corp. is developing Union Fungicide SC, formulated to provide turf disease control. read more

EPA approves Vexis herbicide granular

January 24, 2019By

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved federal registration for Vexis herbicide granular, which will be available for sale in mid-2019. Based on a new proprietary active ingredient, pyrimisulfan, Vexis is the result of a partnership between PBI-Gordon Corp., Kumiai Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. and its US subsidiary K-I Chemical U.S.A. Vexis is formulated for use on residential and commercial sites,... read more

PBI-Gordon Corp. moves into new headquarters

December 5, 2018By

PBI-Gordon Corp. officially moved into its new corporate headquarters, located in Shawnee, Kan. “PBI-Gordon has had steady growth through the years attributed to launching new products and increasing market share across all customer segments,” said Don Chew, president and CEO of PBI-Gordon Corp. “Our new headquarters at Shawnee Crossing will give us room to accommodate this growth, provide a modern... read more