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People on the Move: Promotions and appointments from RISE, Sipcam Agro USA, NaturaLawn and PBI-Gordon Corp.

September 4, 2019By

The Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE) welcomed new governing board members and recognized volunteers during its annual conference Aug. 26-29 in Marana, Ariz. Newly elected governing board members include: Stephanie Jensen, BASF, holding a manufacturer seat; Karen Larson, Clarke, holding a formulator seat; and Scott Todd, Central Life Sciences, holding a manufacturer seat. A new executive committee was... read more

PBI-Gordon: Katana Turf Herbicide

September 1, 2019By

Katana® Turf Herbicide from PBI-Gordon is specifically formulated to kill Poa annua and more than 50 of the toughest grassy and broadleaf weeds, including kyllingas, sedges, and ryegrasses, plus dandelion, chickweed and white clover. It offers exceptional cool-weather performance and is ideal for use on golf courses, professionally managed sports fields and for spot treatments on residential lawns. Katana is... read more

PBI-Gordon: Avenue South Broadleaf Herbicide

August 9, 2019By

Specifically formulated for sensitive warm-season turfgrasses, Avenue™ South Broadleaf Herbicide from PBI-Gordon delivers exceptional weed killing performance and turf safety. It combines four active ingredients to deliver fast, dependable control of more than 90 broadleaf weeds, including clover, dollarweed, spurge and Virginia buttonweed. Avenue South is safe to use on many warm-season grasses, including Floratam, Bitterblue and other improved St.... read more

PBI-Gordon: Q4 Plus Turf Herbicide

July 12, 2019By

Q4® Plus Turf Herbicide from PBI-Gordon combines four active ingredients into a single formulation that kills tough grassy and broadleaf weeds, including yellow nutsedge, crabgrass, foxtail, chickweed, clover, and dandelion. An all-in-one, broad-spectrum herbicide, Q4 Plus reduces the need for tank mixing, saving labor and product costs. Q4 Plus is highly selective in cool-season turfgrasses and labeled for bermudagrass and... read more

PBI-Gordon: Segway Fungicide SC Fungicide

June 5, 2019By

University and real-world trials have shown that Segway® Fungicide SC from PBI-Gordon provides consistent and rapid control of Pythium root dysfunction, Pythium blight, Pythium damping-off and Pythium root rot. Cyazofamid, the active ingredient in Segway, stops Pythium spores from germinating, inhibiting all stages of fungal development and protecting turf against Pythium disease over a period of 14 to 28 days,... read more

PBI-Gordon: TZone SE Broadleaf Herbicide

May 27, 2019By

Formulated to deliver twice the triclopyr per acre as most combination products, TZone™ SE Broadleaf Herbicide from PBI-Gordon controls more than 60 of the toughest broadleaf weeds, including wild violet, ground ivy, henbit, oxalis, clover and spurge. TZone SE even provides suppression of yellow nutsedge. Labeled for use on golf course fairways and roughs, and on residential and commercial properties,... read more