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PBI-Gordon: TZone SE

August 14, 2018By

TZone™ SE: Formulated for Speed Delivering twice the triclopyr per acre as most combination products, TZone™ SE Broadleaf Herbicide for Tough Weeds is the fastest triclopyr combination product on the market. TZone SE controls more than 60 of the toughest broadleaf weeds, including wild violet, ground ivy, henbit, oxalis, clover, and spurge. TZone SE even provides suppression of yellow nutsedge.... read more

PBI-Gordon intros Pedigree Fungicide SC

August 8, 2018By

PBI-Gordon Corp. introduced Pedigree Fungicide SC. The product is marketed through a partnership with Nichino America and will be available for sale in 2019. The product is specifically formulated to provide disease control on golf courses, residential and commercial properties and sports fields. Featuring a proprietary formulation and the active ingredient flutolanil, it’s applied as a preventive treatment and can... read more

PBI-Gordon: Zylam Liquid Systemic Insecticide

July 17, 2018By

Insect control needs to be fast and it needs to be effective. Zylam® Liquid Systemic Insecticide delivers. Zylam provides exceptional control of more than 100 listed insects, including aphids, bagworms, Japanese beetles, and scale, plus season-long control of Emerald Ash Borers. Labeled for use on residential and commercial sites, golf course landscape areas, and school grounds, Zylam Liquid quickly translocates... read more

People on the Move: PBI-Gordon adds to research team, Davey hires new manager of technical services and more from Spring-Green Lawn Care, K-Rain, Holganix and Altoz

June 21, 2018By

Chris Williamson has joined PBI-Gordon’s research team. Based in Defiance, Ohio, Williamson will be responsible for coordinating all research protocols, technical assistance to cooperators and product support for end users in Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Utah and Wisconsin. Williamson holds a Ph.D. in entomology from the University of... read more

PBI-Gordon: Q4 Plus Herbicide

June 5, 2018By

Q4® Plus: One Product for Both Grassy and Broadleaf Weeds Q4® Plus Turf Herbicide for Grassy & Broadleaf Weeds from PBI-Gordon combines four powerful active ingredients into a single formulation that kills tough grassy and broadleaf weeds, including yellow nutsedge, crabgrass, foxtail, chickweed, clover and dandelion. An all-in-one, broad-spectrum herbicide, Q4 Plus reduces the need for tank mixing, saving labor... read more


May 17, 2018By

With a full line of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators and other products, PBI-Gordon Corporation is a national leader in the professional turf and ornamental management industry. From proven favorites like the Trimec® line of broadleaf herbicides, to innovative products like new Tekken™ Broad Spectrum Fungicide, PBI-Gordon delivers performance and service that turf pros have counted on for 70 years.... read more