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Video: Pearl Valley Organix shares Healthy Grow updates at GIE+EXPO

November 11, 2015By

Jeff Leuzinger, sales manager for Pearl Valley Organix, talks about what’s new with Healthy Grow at GIE+EXPO 2015. read more

Pearl Valley Organix Healthy Grow

August 19, 2015By

Healthy Grow 5-2-3 is an all organic, homogenous granule of egg-laying chicken compost, feather meal, potash, iron and molasses. This OMRI-listed and proven formula has helped lawns recover and flourish through the toughest seasons helping home and business owners with results in the lawn, garden and bottom line. Healthy Grow also adds HOLGANIX to create the ultimate organic-based plant food... read more

Pearl Valley Organix Healthy Grow

November 17, 2014By

Healthy Grow’s HG 2-3-2  is an organic-based fertilizer that provides a quick, natural way to establish sod and seed. The Pearl Valley Organix brand’s HG 2-3-2 contains humic and fulvic acids combined with the biologically rich compost to create a synergistic effect on landscapes unlike other fertilizer or soil conditioners. It also works well on established landscapes, thin areas on bunker faces and any other... read more