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NGB tags 2015 ‘Year of the’ Coleus, Gaillardia

August 1, 2014By

The National Garden Bureau (NGB) unveiled the annuals and perennials that will be featured in the 2015 “Year of the” program. 2015 will be the Year of the Coleus for annuals, and for perennials it will be the Year of the Gaillardia. The NGB board of directors selects plants that are easy to grow and genetically diverse with a lot of new... read more

FD2B Talk Radio Insight of the Night: Deer-proof perennials

July 8, 2013By

One common problem landscape design/build contractors face is providing seasonal color for their clients without creating a “landscape buffet” for the local deer population. Author and gardening expert Stephanie Cohen, aka “The Perennial Diva,” shared some tips about “Tried and True Perennials for Your Landscape” on FD2B Talk Radio on July 3. In the early spring Cohen uses several varieties... read more

Encore Azalea

June 21, 2012By

Village Nurseries, a specialty wholesale grower for landscape professionals, will be carrying Encore Azalea as part of its licensing agreement with Loxley, AL-based Plant Development Services, Inc. Encore Azalea, introduced in 1996, includes 25 varieties that bloom in spring, summer and fall. They are the result of a 15-year hybridization and selection process by Encore Azalea inventor Robert E. “Buddy” Lee.... read more

Garden Mum Aideen Red Fire

April 16, 2012By

Chrysanthemum features a compact, spherical habit. If you’re looking for an early shot of red, the chrysanthemum Aidenn Red Fire may fit the bill. It features a compact, spherical habit with uniform flowering. Like most mums, it can be used in hanging baskets and other containers to provide seasonal color. Syngenta Flowers read more

Prosper with perennials

April 14, 2012By

Even clients who want low-maintenance plantings can benefit from a service plan that keeps perennial plantings healthy. “It’s a really nice niche to pursue,” says Ellen Vincent, an environmental landscape specialist in Clemson University’s Horticulture department. “Annuals are easy. They’re kind of no brainers. It’s the plant connoisseur who will learn about perennials.”Perennials have long been the middle child of... read more

Begonia tuberhybrida F1 ‘Nonstop’ series

April 14, 2012By

Begonia tuberhybrida F1 ‘Nonstop’ series offers a number of colors.   Begonia tuberhybrida F1 ‘Nonstop’ series offers a number of colors. ‘Nonstop White’ Improved now has better earliness and matches the other key colors for scheduling. Well branched plants have a full rounded habit. ‘Nonstop Yellow with Red Back’ yields intense golden yellow, fully double flowers with a rosy-red back.... read more