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The must-have maintenance PPE you need to stay safe on-site

April 19, 2022By
Even when performing simple tasks, safety should be at the top of a landscaper’s mind. (Photo: Stihl)

It can be easy for contractors to overlook safety but in order to stay safe on-site, follow these PPE recommendations from industry experts. read more

Brass Knuckle releases cut-resistant protective gloves

December 22, 2020By

Brass Knuckle SmartCut BKCR2403 cut-resistant protective gloves deliver for jobs that not only need cut and abrasion resistance, but still require a focus on long-wearing grip, dexterity and flexibility. Demonstrating just how important appropriate hand protection is, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 70 percent of workers who experience hand injuries are not wearing gloves. Matching the hazard... read more

Train for safety

October 14, 2019By

Creating a culture of safety starts with communication and training. Todd Meyer, vice president of operations at Clarence Davids & Co., headquartered in Matteson, Ill., says there are many facets to safety. “Our focus is always on the safety of our employees, our clients and the general public,” he says. “That’s first and foremost.” With about 200 employees, Meyer says... read more

SafetyWatch: How to beat heat stress

August 15, 2019By and
Safety vest (Photo: 3M)

Summer is here. A lot of us have been waiting all winter for this weather, but if you have to work in the heat and humidity, you may not share those same feelings. Not only can it be uncomfortable, but it also can be downright dangerous if not taken seriously. That’s why it’s important for everyone in your crew to... read more

Step by Step: Wearing proper PPE 
for mowing

September 8, 2015By

When you or your crews are mowing lawns, there are hazards and safety concerns on every property. It’s vital you and your team stay safe by wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE). Each job is different and will require its own set of PPE. So, don’t forget to do a job site assessment beforehand to see what’s needed. For... read more

Safety saves you money

July 20, 2012By

By: Andrew Greess A few minutes ensuring safety up front is a lot cheaper than downtime, repairs, chemical spills and lawsuits. Use this Green Industry equipment safety checklist to avoid problems down the road: Is your equipment secured? Check hand sprayers, backpack sprayers, ladders and other equipment to make sure it will not go flying in an emergency (such as in an... read more