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Hundreds gather for 10th annual RISE Regulatory Conference

April 8, 2019By
Photo: RISE

Over 400 pesticide leaders gathered to discuss innovation, sustainability and regulation at the 2019 CropLife America and RISE Regulatory Conference. read more

Q&A: Experts discuss the biggest mistakes LCOs make

November 18, 2016By

At a breakfast panel on Nov. 16 during the 2016 Landscape Management Lawn Care Forum, our group of experts weighed in on a burning question: “In each of your areas of expertise, what is the biggest mistake you see lawn care companies make?” Here’s how they responded. Karen Reardon—vice president of public affairs, Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE) Area of expertise: pesticide and fertilizer policy... read more

Government Affairs: Maryland poised to become first state to ban consumer use of neonics

April 4, 2016By

In March, both houses of the Maryland legislature passed a bill to ban consumer use of neonicotinoids (neonics). As of this writing, the bill sits on Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s desk awaiting his signature. Gov. Hogan, a Republican, has not indicated whether he will sign the bill. Individuals permitted under the bill to use neonicotinoid-containing pesticides are licensed pesticide applicators... read more

Man discovers iron-based herbicide

June 10, 2015By

Don Barry, the owner of a lawn care company in Canada, believes a mixture of iron powder and water could be a useful alternative to herbicides, the Telegram reports. Barry has tested the mixture, which has been reviewed by the National Research Council, on his personal lots and put it to use for customers. Barry’s company, Green Lawn, is located... read more

Maryland county faces proposed pesticide ban

October 30, 2014By

George Leventhal, county council VP of Montgomery County, Md., introduced a bill to restrict pesticides used on lawns in the county, according to Bethesda Magazine.  The ban targets pesticides linked to possible health concerns. It requires the county to assemble a pest management plan to assess the damage caused by pests to determine the necessity of using pesticides on them. “There are... read more

AG Global dealing Parry’s neem pesticides

April 3, 2014By

AG Global entered into a distribution agreement with Parry America, a subsidiary of EID Parry India Limited, giving AG Global the rights to deal its neem and its all-natural pesticide solutions made of neem. Parry is the world’s largest manufacturer of Azadirachtin products, which are extracted from neem kernels.  The evergreen neem tree (Azadirachta indica) is part of the mahogany... read more