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Improve your cash flow: Get credit before you need it

March 24, 2015By

This post is part two of LM’s “5 ways to improve your cash flow” series. Read on to part three, “Recognize the power of recurring revenue,” here. Phil Catron started Frederick, Md.-based NaturaLawn of America, which today has $50 million in annual revenue and franchise locations in 24 states, just like many others in the landscape and lawn care industry: He... read more

5 ways to improve your cash flow

February 17, 2015By
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They say “cash is king,” and the reasons why are many. To name a few: Lack of cash can damage relationships essential to business success. Consider the repercussions when you can’t pay vendors or make payroll. Cash flow is a key factor in determining business value. Considering selling any time soon? Your cash level counts. Finally, a profitable company that’s... read more

Web Extra: Cash-flow projections the NaturaLawn way

February 15, 2015By

As part of the February 2015 cover story, “5 ways to improve your cash flow,” Phil Catron, president of NaturaLawn of America, shared a few of his tips for improving cash flow. Here, he goes more in depth and offers a cash-flow projection worksheet for LM readers. (Download it HERE.) Survival precedes success, and the one absolute precondition to the... read more

LM150 Lessons Learned: Embrace your mistakes. Plus, a few tips

June 12, 2014By

No. 22 NaturaLawn of America Frederick, Md. With 64 branches and sales nearing $46 million, the NaturaLawn of America franchise system has a thing or two to share about growing a business. Phil Catron, president and founder, has been in the industry since the 1970s, working for large and small lawn care companies before starting NaturaLawn. That said, many of... read more