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High Performance: Turning on the lava lamp

December 8, 2014By

Any self-respecting child of the ’60s has a lava lamp on their desk or, if not, they wish they did. After all, lava lamps are not only cool, they inspire creative thoughts leading to fresh ideas and new approaches. At least that’s what my lava lamp does for me. Let me explain. There are times when I need to be... read more

High Performance: Shutting down the engines

December 1, 2014By

Like many of you, I plan to take some time away from work later this month, not only to celebrate Christmas and the New Year but also to spend time with family, relax and refresh before launching full force into 2015. I recognize the need to shut down the engines, especially after running hot for months on end. However, I... read more

Profit Power: 4 ways to plan for more profits in 2015

November 4, 2014By

Each company has four jet engines that propel profits. Mathematically, there are four ways to make your landscape company’s bottom line soar. Your strategy for 2015 needs to address all four of these profit engines. 1. Margins You can drive profit by selling your work more profitably on a consistent basis and by altering the mix of business so it... read more

October 2014: Editorial advisory board

October 22, 2014By

What’s the most important thing for landscape industry professionals to remember when planning for the following year? Landscape Professionals Richard Bare Arbor-Nomics Turf of Norcross, Ga. “Remember to figure in the cost of new equipment for the new year. Many entrepreneurs get going with bank loans and new equipment but forget to add into their model (or budget) the replacement... read more

Goal setting: What’s your game plan?

December 19, 2012By
headshot: Warren Gorowitz

By: Warrren Gorowitz Congratulations! It’s hard to believe, but we’ve made it through another year once again. I don’t know about you, but it seems that the older I get, the faster time goes by. December is a great time to reflect on your accomplishments from the past year while you develop your plan for the New Year. So the... read more