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Do plants remember if you mess with them?

April 7, 2016By

A study shows plants may have the ability to remember or learn long-lasting behaviors, according to an article in the New York Times. Researchers at the University of Florence in Italy attempted to train a plant to change its behavior. They chose to study the Mimosa pudica, more commonly known as the touch-me-not plant, which curls up its leaves when touched... read more

Ep. 137: How to be a Proven Winner

July 13, 2015By

Jane Beggs-Joles, licensing analyst and marketing specialist for Spring Meadow Nursery, talks about what consumers are looking for in plant material. She also covers what Proven Winners represent, as well as the most popular and latest Proven Winner plants. read more

Efco releases DS 2400 H hedge trimmer

February 17, 2015By

Efco released its DS 2400 H shaft hedge trimmer, which is designed to work on tall hedges, plants and bushes, says the company. The trimmer’s cutting system adjusts to 12 positions through 180-degree angles and includes an “Easy On” device composed of a double spring in the starter cover. It also features a driver with two ratchets and a rear... read more

Ep. 108: Customizing your plant material

December 3, 2014By

  Rob Swanekamp of KubePak discusses how you can customize your plant material by working closely with your grower. You may not realize it, but growers need to be at least six months ahead of the season. By planning ahead and working with your grower, you can have plant material grown to your specifications and quantities, guaranteeing that they’ll be... read more

Livescapes: Trials by Fire

July 8, 2012By

By Jamie J. Gooch Producing profits through bedding plants, ornamentals & trees. Proving plants can take the heat. Just like the top auto manufacturers test their cars in extreme conditions to see how much heat they can take, so too do plant breeders. If you want to know how much sun a plant can stand, you have to head South.... read more

10 steps to better beds and borders

May 16, 2012By

Many landscape clients want high-performing, easy to care for beds and borders. Typically, they combine tough, flowering perennials with hardy shrubs, bulbs, grasses and other foliage plants, with a twist on the look emerging each season. To help accomplish those goals, Anthony Tesselaar Plants has compiled this list of 10 things to keep in mind when installing plants in beds and borders.... read more