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Albaugh Specialty Products adds new Poa annua, grass and broadleaf weed solution

September 14, 2023By
Logo: LM Staff

Ethofumesate 4SC Select targets Poa and broadleaf weeds and grasses such as crabgrass, chickweed, purslane and more. read more

Syngenta expands its label for Manuscript herbicide

April 12, 2023By

Postemergent weed control now labeled for use on cool-season turf for control of ryegrass, foxtails and more. read more

Tips for successfully managing Poa annua in lawns

April 5, 2023By
Experts say Poa annua is a difficult weed for LCOs to manage because of its ability to adapt to adverse conditions. (Photo: Nufarm)

Experts share how a combination of cultural controls and application best practices can give you a leg up on this pesky weed. read more

How to stop spring turf stressors

March 23, 2022By
Timing is vital to minimize billbug damage. If turf thinning is visible it’s probably already too late. (Photo: PBI-Gordon)

Experts share how to prepare for common weeds, insects and diseases this season including Poa annua, billbugs and dollar spot. read more

Weed Avengers: Pesky Poa

September 7, 2021By
Poa annua in a lawn (Photo: Ben Pease)

Lawn care experts from The Andersons and Syngenta explain what lawn care operators should look for when dealing with Poa annua. read more

Protect your Turf: Take control of billbugs, Poa annua and dollar spot

April 9, 2021By
Billbugs (Photo: Dean Mosdell, Ph.D.)

Experts from manufacturers Prime Source and Nufarm offer up their recommendations for Poa annua, billbug and dollar spot control. read more