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High Performance: 5 landscape season survival techniques

June 13, 2016By

Survivalists know all sorts of interesting things about surviving in whatever environment they plan to be in. They realize they’re going to be placing themselves in a dangerous situation, so they do their homework first—or they learn the hard way, by trial and error. In many ways, the landscape season requires a survivalist mentality. The more prepared we are, the... read more

High Performance: Rules of the fourth quarter

October 15, 2015By

Anyone who’s ever played sports knows there are certain rules that apply when the game is nearing the end. Stress levels increase as final results are on the line. If you’re winning, there’s an effort to become defensive to protect the lead. If you’re losing, just the opposite is true. In either situation, decision-making becomes intently focused on short-term outcomes.... read more

High Performance: The season of stress

May 12, 2015By

My first spring in the green industry was in 1985. I was a co-assistant manager for a large regional lawn and garden retailer. With only a few months of training under my belt and no prior experience in the green industry, I was completely unprepared for the onslaught of the spring season and the stress it would create. There have... read more

That important first meeting

June 1, 2003By

I will never forget the first meeting we had with Henry Williams, a mortgage broker, when we bought our last home. I had run home from work on a crazy spring day to meet with this gentleman at 2 p.m. At 2:20, "Hank" as he called himself, showed up. Hank came in and sat down at our kitchen table without one mention of his tardiness. read more