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High Performance: Quality, speed, price—choose all 3

September 22, 2014By

There is an outdated business philosophy that rears its head periodically. It says the customer experience comprises three aspects—quality, speed and price–and businesses only can deliver two of these aspects at a time. Choose quality and speed, but sacrifice price. Choose speed and price, and sacrifice quality. Business is a zero-sum game where these trade-offs define business strategy and product/service... read more

What I’m Reading Wednesday: Tips for raising prices

April 2, 2014By

Pricing is a perennial pain point for landscape business owners. Even if you’re comfortable with your current pricing levels, how do you feel when it comes time to raise prices? On edge, I’d bet. Who wouldn’t be? That’s why this article piqued my interest this week. “The Art of Raising Prices: Lessons from Amazon Prime” Harvard Business Review There’s an... read more

A Better Way 2 Learn offers free e-book

March 19, 2014By

A Better Way 2 Learn Financials released a free e-book for landscape professionals, The Landscaper’s Guide to Integrated Financial Management, authored by Frank Ross, the creator of A Better Way 2 Learn. The 15-page guide hits on five processes to foster sustainable growth within a landscape company. Those five processes include the following. 1. Lead tracking The guide reinforces how important... read more

Throwback Thursday: September 1997

January 9, 2014By

“It’s 30 degrees and the brutal winds blow and drift snow across the roadways, making many streets impassable.” Sound familiar? For a handful of you who are based in the Northeast and Midwest, this setting is probably far too familiar this week, thanks to the polar vortex that didn’t quite impact the entire nation, but certainly made its fair share... read more

How do I avoid competing on price?

October 11, 2013By

You send one of your employees to give a potential customer a quote. He thanks him for coming but says he’ll think about it. In less than half an hour, you receive a call saying he has found someone who’ll do the exact same job for less. Unless you’re willing to sharpen your pencil, you just lost the job. How... read more

Commercial Market: Quality comeback

October 11, 2013By

Pricing is still a concern on the commercial side of the business, but the tide may be starting to turn.  Landscape professionals on the commercial side of the business say they’re seeing some clients return to a quality- and value-driven mindset. That’s good news for these companies, as many of them may be doing some work for less than they... read more