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‘Tis the season for processes

December 9, 2014By

The winter months provide an outstanding opportunity to review and fix processes that need attention. In my experience, most organizations have some processes that are either broken or missing. For those without serious process problems to address, the winter months allow for review, revision and improvement of processes that may be adequate but could be better. Broken or missing processes... read more

Are you 80% efficient?

March 17, 2014By

The ultimate definition of productivity is your ability to keep your laborers on your clients’ properties and, more importantly, to keep them working while on those properties. You don’t make money when they are traveling to and fro, even if your clients pay for the travel. And you make no money with them loading and unloading, even if your clients... read more


November 16, 2012By

LandOpt works with successful, independently owned landscape contractors on whole business improvement. LandOpt’s goal for your business in providing systems and processes for sales/marketing, operations, human resources and business systems, along with role specific training and on-site coaching, is that of helping to create profitable growth, improved productivity and defined career paths for your team members.  Based in exclusive territories,... read more