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What I’m Reading Wednesday: On productivity

December 11, 2013By

Maybe it’s because it’s the holidays and spending more time with my family is on my mind. Maybe it’s because I’d like to start 2014 with some better work habits and a clean desk (literally). Whatever the reason, I’ve been seeking some productivity tips lately. Here’s one must-read link on that topic to ponder this week. “How to Be Way... read more

Accountability builds productivity

September 1, 2009By

Many landscape contractors go to conferences, read books and hire consultants, seeking the “silver bullet” that will make them instantly successful. Many use the knowledge they acquire to develop great operational and administrative procedures, training programs, comprehensive safety programs, etc. But all too often, disappointment and frustration follow when they are unable to obtain the results they want. I have... read more

Effective delegation can save the day

August 18, 2009By

By: Bill Hoopes How do you organize and assign tasks and responsibilities? Are you coaching a team of co-operative players with developing skills, or are you bossing a group of robots? In our economy, we all agree that getting maximum productivity is important to your bottom line. But making that happen is something that, as a long-time industry trainer, I rarely... read more