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State licensure: Boon or boondoggle?

March 3, 2014By

If you want to get a vigorous debate going among a group of landscape contractors, ask them how they feel about state licensure for our industry. The opinions are deeply held and wide-ranging. On the positive side, many see state licensure as a way of keeping the “trunk slammers” out of the business and providing a basic level of professionalism... read more

Throwback Thursday: January 2001

December 26, 2013By

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? At least that’s what was instilled in me—and maybe you too—growing up. Though, aging into adulthood and gaining some footing in my trade, I’ve realized that cliché isn’t the most applicable to my professionalism. Appearance is paramount to measuring a person or business’s professionalism—no matter how grimy the job. How well the... read more

Throwback Thursday: December 1992

December 12, 2013By

Certification. Does the word make you turn up your nose in disgust or proudly eye those letters following your name on your business card? The conversation of certification is a longstanding one in the Green Industry—to be certified or not to be certified? That is the question. Some landscaping professionals say their 30 plus years of experience is a good... read more

How to get customers to ask one question that leads to sales

March 1, 2012By

It’s not the product or service you are selling that matters to a prospect. It’s what ails them and what you can do about it that matters. If you are selling quality, capability, service and professionalism, you are selling exactly the same thing that everyone else is selling. When this is the case, the only clear point of differentiation for... read more

Why a professional proposal matters

February 1, 2008By

An attractive and accurate proposal will allow you to get your foot in the door. Then it's up to you to sell the job. read more

Don’t let lowballers bite into your profits

April 1, 2002By

Lowballer - it's not a four-letter word but many lawn care and landscape company owners think it should be. It's a word that many of us like to toss around, maybe too loosely. read more