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Profit Power: Leveraging technology to grow your landscape business

January 22, 2020By

Here is a short video to give you food for thought on how well you are leveraging technology to grow your landscape, lawn or irrigation business. It is not a question “if,” nor a question of “when,” rather it is a question of “which” and “how.” You have to be nimble and adaptive to take on new technologies and push... read more

Profit Power: 7 steps to achieve a self-running landscape company

November 20, 2019By

Staffing is a nagging issue that is slowing you down from fulfilling your true potential. This is frustrating, because you own or lead your business with the dream that it will become a profitable investment and perhaps a leading company in the industry … one that will support your dreams, goals and lifestyle! But if you can’t properly staff your... read more

Profit Power: Your process is costing you customers

October 23, 2019By

Can you recall a bad experience you’ve had with one of your vendors or sub contractors, where you loved them and their product, but you really disliked their process and how they serviced you? And when it eventually got to the point where you couldn’t tolerate it anymore, you stopped doing business with them and you likely didn’t have the... read more

High Performance: “We’ve been low-balled,” a timeless classic

October 15, 2019By

“A low-baller is ruining our market!” It’s a common complaint but many times the complainant is just being out-maneuvered. Let’s look at some classic reasons why this may occur. Reason No. 1: It’s not the truth. Customers often tell contractors that their decision was based on price when it wasn’t. It’s a convenient excuse for customers to avoid an uncomfortable... read more

Profit Power: Incentives to gamify your business

August 28, 2019By

I work with two top-performing landscape companies, both in the $10-15 million range. Both enjoy earning high profits, and I have helped both achieve this by gamifying their business. They have turned work into a game and shown their employees how to earn incentives and bonuses by working efficiently and effectively. Company No. 1 uses open book management and companywide profit... read more

Profit Power: How to become “King of the Mountain” in your market

June 19, 2019By

If you could wipe out all your competitors and have a monopoly, you would be able to charge whatever you wanted. You would quickly raise your profit to 20 percent, and probably much higher. Even though you can’t build a monopoly in the green industry, there is a way to “replicate” having a monopoly … let me explain. Many years... read more