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Prepare, present and close

April 1, 2015By

Master the tricks of a perfect kitchen-table presentation. Public speaking or giving presentations is a nerve-wracking experience for most people. It requires confidence, concentration and knowledge of your subject matter. It also requires experience. If you’re not comfortable making a presentation to a customer, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Over the years I’ve literally given thousands of presentations to homeowners... read more

Ep. 117: Rules of engagement

February 11, 2015By

Dave Marciniak of Describeit discusses the importance of sales cycles and evaluates on why they should be kept short. He also explains some excellent do’s and don’ts when it comes to your overall sales process. Finally, he talks about reasonable time frames for getting back to clients with a design or proposal. read more

Describeit: Startup looks to streamline sales processes

September 24, 2014By

A new sales software for landscaping business is making headlines, per Launched in February 2013, Describeit allows contractors to create proposals, take online payments and track analytics. “Most of the people we’re targeting are entering the industry more recently,” CEO Ryan Yanchuleff said. “Gen Y is very tech savvy, and a very large segment of landscapers are Gen Y-ers,... read more

JobFLEX launches proposal-generating app for Android

February 19, 2014By

JobFLEX, a software company headquartered in Sparta, Mich., released a new app that creates professional quotes and estimates in the field through uploading a material/pricing list, logo, terms and conditions as well as images. “Time is money in the contracting world,” said Sam Flanery, president of JobFLEX. “Our priority is to reduce the time contractors have to spend stuck in... read more

The last proposal you’ll have to write

November 7, 2013By

I have a process for everything I do, and you should too. I have standard operating procedures (SOPs) or best management practices (BMPs) for screening customers on the phone, managing the initial meeting, my landscape design process and even how I color render my drawings. Why? The better and more defined your processes are the more organized your projects will... read more

What to consider when pricing services

July 1, 2010By

Most very successful companies spend a lot of time on the strategy of how to price work to grow their companies profitably. Every proposal is an opportunity. There is usually a cost associated with generating that opportunity, such as a sales call, advertising, marketing cost, etc., and there is also the cost of estimating and putting the proposal together and... read more