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Grow with Grunder: Are you prioritizing the best sales prospects?

May 26, 2021By

This year is busier than any in recent memory, and our salespeople are constantly fielding calls from new prospects. On top of that, we’re hearing from landscape pros across the country that scheduling is a challenge with staffing problems, material shortages, and the usual disruptions from the weather. Demand is at an all-time high for our services in the Dayton... read more

Habits of successful salespeople: Listening

February 17, 2015By

The most successful salespeople are the best listeners. Yes, successful salesmen must be articulate, but listening is where you build rapport. And it’s rapport that a salesman needs to increase closing success. Rule No. 1: If you’re talking, you’re not listening. Rule No. 2: The more you talk (and the less the client does), the lower your success rate. The... read more

The Benchmark: Managing face time

September 16, 2012By

Selling has never been more challenging. That’s because it’s becoming more difficult to get real face time with prospects. Therefore, when you do get face time, it’s critical to manage it effectively. Use the following principles to assist salespeople to ensure they don’t waste anyone’s time. When presenting to a prospect Presenting to prospects can be sensitive. Following these seven... read more

Jacobs Journal: The naked truth about marketing

June 1, 2008By

A recent television advertisement for New Zealand Air features employees dressed only in body paint and smiles. The message is there’s nothing hidden about the airline’s fees. Fees are full frontal. The ad campaign and accompanying safety message for passengers are done in good taste – at least in the fact there isn’t anything you can see in the videos... read more

That important first meeting

June 1, 2003By

I will never forget the first meeting we had with Henry Williams, a mortgage broker, when we bought our last home. I had run home from work on a crazy spring day to meet with this gentleman at 2 p.m. At 2:20, "Hank" as he called himself, showed up. Hank came in and sat down at our kitchen table without one mention of his tardiness. read more