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FMC Corp. announces new Pythium fungicide

February 3, 2022By
Photo: FMC Corp.

FMC Corp. announced a new Pythium fungicide, which will debut on Feb. 5, named Serata. Serata is labeled for use on industrial lawns and commercial sites. read more

SiteOne launches new Pythium fungicide

February 1, 2022By

SiteOne has launched, LESCO Stronghold Fungicide SC, which stops spores from germinating to preventatively inhibit all stages of Pythium fungal development. read more

Sipcam releases new Pythium tool: Karma

March 2, 2021By

Sipcam Agro USA has released its newest innovation: Karma fungicide. The systemic fungicide combats many Pythium diseases, including damping-off, cottony blight, grease spot and root rot. “As turf and lawn managers know, Pythium diseases can be devastating even for the most well-maintained turf grass,” said Todd Mason, director of national sales and development for the turf and ornamental division at Sipcam. “Pythium reduces the turf’s ability to absorb water... read more

Pythium blight: often a case of mistaken identity

December 23, 2019By
Pythium (Photo: Lee Miller, University of Missouri,

With Pythium blight, it’s often a case of mistaken identity, says Jim Kerns, Ph.D., associate professor of etiology, epidemiology and management of warm- and cool-season grass diseases at North Carolina State University. “Most people think they have Pythium blight when, indeed, it’s gray leaf spot,” he says. “I hear a lot of people talking about (Pythium blight), and I’ve rarely... read more

PBI-Gordon to supply Segway fungicide

April 4, 2014By

PBI-Gordon Corp. will begin selling Segway Fungicide SC to distributors on May 17 for use on turf and landscape ornamentals. The product, which treats pythium diseases in turf and phytopthora and pythium crown and root rots in landscape ornamentals, is a proprietary product of Japan-based Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha (ISK). PBI-Gordon’s Katana Turf Herbicide is also a proprietary product of ISK. FMC... read more

Caladiums in the landscape

May 11, 2012By

ABBOTT-IPCO knows caladiums, sometimes called elephant ear. The company has been producing and distributing them for years. There are hundreds of cultivars to choose from, but certain varieties are more suited to certain landscape conditions than others, according to ABBOTT-IPCO. Calypso Carolyn Whorton Summer Rose White Queen The following guidelines from the company can help you successfully incorporate caladiums into your... read more