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Corteva adds new fungicide to control 28 foliar, root and stem turf and ornamental diseases

September 5, 2023By
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Floxcor fungicide offers control of leaf spot, brown patch, Pythium blight, snow mold and more and is rainfast 15 minutes after application. read more

How to keep Pythium blight out of your turf

July 31, 2023By
For Pythium blight to take hold in a lawn, it needs three key factors: a susceptible host, the right environmental conditions and the disease to be present. (Photo: PBI-Gordon)

Pros in the industry share tips on how to identify and prevent the most common and destructive turfgrass disease. read more

New fungicide-bactericide registered for use in California

July 21, 2023By

Wilbur-Ellis’ Spärra potassium-phosphite fungicide-bactericide delivers optimum control of Pythium and other diseases. read more

Prime Source to launch new products for Pythium blight and mite control

September 29, 2022By

Prime Source, a division of Albaugh, will launch a fungicide for Pythium blight, downy mildew and dampening-off control, and a miticide. read more

Tips to best manage Pythium blight

August 23, 2022By

Pythium blight is one of the most common diseases of turfgrass but experts share how cultural and chemical controls can help keep this pathogen in check. read more

FMC Corp. announces new Pythium fungicide

February 3, 2022By
Photo: FMC Corp.

FMC Corp. announced a new Pythium fungicide, which will debut on Feb. 5, named Serata. Serata is labeled for use on industrial lawns and commercial sites. read more