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FMC rolls out QuickSilver promotion through June 15

April 14, 2015By

FMC Professional Solutions is offering lawn care professionals a $15 per bottle instant rebate on QuickSilver herbicide from April 15 to June 15 via the “2015 QuickSilver Enhance Your Performance Promotion.” “Good things happen when QuickSilver is in the mix, so we want to encourage turf managers to use QuickSilver during the critical spring use-season,” said Jay Young, herbicide brand manager for... read more

Weathering the weather

February 17, 2015By

During the 2014 LM Lawn Care Forum, a panel of LCOs hit on how to handle unwelcome weather events. When it comes to coping with Mother Nature, Brad Johnson puts lawn care professionals under the same umbrella as farmers. “We’re going to have good years and bad years,” says the president of LawnAmerica, a $6 million firm in Tulsa, Okla.... read more

FMC: QuickSilver

May 9, 2014By

QuickSilver herbicide, added to postemergent herbicide tanks, enhances speed and weed control spectrums. It is gentle on turf, so it won’t harm desirable grasses. According to FMC, extensive field trials have shown that tank mixes containing QuickSilver along with broadleaf herbicides increase weed activity, reduce the amount of herbicide required and improve overall weed control. QuickSilver reduces bleaching (whitening) symptoms observed on susceptible weeds in... read more

FMC launches Winter Herbicide promotion

January 15, 2013By
logo: FMC

PHILADELPHIA—Lawn care professionals can maximize savings by stocking up on post-herbicides from FMC Professional Solutions during the winter months. Purchase one of seven FMC herbicide products between Jan. 15 and March 15, 2013, and earn sizable rebates plus bonuses based on purchasing levels. Qualifying products include Quicksilver, SquareOne, Dismiss, Dismiss South, Dismiss CA, Solitare and Blindside herbicides. Rebates vary according to product... read more