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TAG: R-VAN rotary nozzles

Rain Bird: R-VAN Rotary Nozzles

April 28, 2021By

Rain Bird’s R-VAN multi-stream rotary nozzles have a list price that’s 37% less than the leading competitor – but their benefits don’t stop there. Offering coverage from 8’ to 24’, R-VANs feature a low precipitation rate that puts water down slowly to reduce wasteful run-off and damaging erosion. Nine different R-VAN models all have the same matched precipitation rate, so... read more

Rain Bird: R-Van adjustable rotary nozzles

May 16, 2018By

Rain Bird’s R-VAN rotary nozzles are hand-adjustable, eliminating the need for special tools. These nozzles offer a low precipitation rate that reduces run-off and erosion, making them a particularly wise choice for slopes and compacted soils. A high level of distribution uniformity, thick wind-resistant streams and larger water droplets ensure efficient performance, even in adverse conditions. R-VAN nozzles are compatible with... read more