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Experts’ Tips: Irrigation controllers

February 20, 2019By

Controllers Rain Bird Corp. Joe Porrazzo Product manager — controllers WiFi-enabled controllers are becoming increasingly popular as more people use their mobile devices to manage various systems on their properties. Choosing the right controller can be challenging for contractors because there isn’t a single perfect solution and different products work best for different applications. Contractors should consider their core customers’... read more

Rachio: Smart Sprinkler Controller

December 14, 2017By

The best-selling, highest-rated Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller makes smart watering work for the landscape professional with an easy-to-use app and advanced sprinkler control. Rachio defines the category with innovation and smart home integrations like Amazon Alexa, Nest and more. EPA WaterSense certified Rachio technology enables homeowners and pros to control watering on a smartphone, easily set up customized watering schedules... read more

Ewing, Rachio expand controller recycling program

July 5, 2017By

During a 6-month pilot of an irrigation controller recycling program, 10 Ewing locations collected more than 400 pounds of controllers for recycling. After seeing the success of this program, Ewing and Rachio have expanded it to include all Ewing locations. “Sustainability efforts benefit us all, and this program in particular keeps outdated controllers out of our landfills, while also providing... read more

Ewing, Rachio launch controller recycling pilot program

January 24, 2017By

Ewing and Rachio launched a controller recycling program in central Colorado and the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, area. Controllers will be recycled through a partnership with Blue Star Recyclers. “We are proud to bring this program to our customers as a way to create a more sustainable irrigation industry,” said Warren Gorowitz, Ewing’s vice president of Sustainability. By partnering with Rachio,... read more

Rachio Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller

June 29, 2016By

Rachio’s smart sprinkler controller, Iro, is perfect for anyone tired of wasting water and money. It will automatically adjust for changes in weather and seasonality, using as little water as possible while keeping your landscape looking its best. The technology is complex but the use is simple: you can set it and forget it or control it from anywhere in... read more

Rachio updates smartphone-enabled sprinkler controller

March 11, 2016By

Rachio launched a new version of its sprinkler controller, which lets homeowners manage their irrigation systems from their smartphones and computers. “By extending the smart home into the yard, we’ve helped people conserve more than 500 million gallons of water since our launch in 2012,” said Chris Klein, CEO and cofounder of Rachio. “With the release of Generation 2, our mission is to help users... read more