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High Performance: 10 creative ideas for recruiting

July 11, 2014By

The workforce participation rate is lower today than it has ever been in my lifetime. More people every day are choosing not to work for a variety of reasons, and it’s reducing the pool of potential employees. For those who are interested in working, there are plenty of jobs. In fact, there is actually fierce competition for workers, especially for... read more

Non-traditional landscape industry marketing tactics

April 16, 2013By

Two interesting marketing-related items came across my desk (or should I say inbox) today, and I couldn’t resist sharing them ASAP. Driveway drop A Plus Lawn and Landscape’s “driveway drop” wallets   Residents of Central Kentucky may be finding black wallets in their driveways this spring, but they shouldn’t be alarmed or try to call the police, reports Kentucky.com. They... read more

FD2B ‘Talk’ Radio goes live Sept. 26

September 19, 2012By
Logo: FD2B 'Talk' Radio

WYCKOFF, NJ—FromDesign2Build.com, a membership website exclusively for the landscape design/build contractor, is launching a brand new feature called FD2B “Talk” Radio. The inaugural show will air on Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012, from 7 to 8 p.m. EST. Jody Shilan, editor of FromDesign2Build.com, will be the show’s host.  Every Wednesday, Shilan and his co-host, Gail Woolcott, will be interviewing some of the biggest... read more