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Rain Bird launches rotor with 105-foot radius for commercial turf

August 15, 2023By
Rain Bird's new rotor coverages spans 105 feet and is designed for commercial turf applications. (Photo: Rain Bird)

New rotor series designed for use on large commercial turf properties. read more

Water World: An irrigation transformation

July 31, 2023By
(Photo: Harvest Landscape Enterprises)

Harvest Landscape Enterprises worked with property owners to retrofit the outdated irrigation system with new equipment. The total project spans about 141 acres and about 1,120 valves. read more

How tech-savvy is your irrigation department?

June 29, 2023By
Smart irrigation features can add new revenue streams to your business. (Photo: Rain Bird)

Learn to leverage Wi-Fi irrigation technology for more opportunities and a robust bottom line. read more

Irrigation Association awards scholarships to 18 students

May 8, 2023By

In its seventh year, the program awarded 18 scholarships to deserving recipients studying and pursuing careers in the irrigation field. read more

Tips to choose the right nozzles and heads

April 25, 2023By
It’s crucial to know thresholds for zone sizes to ensure proper head-to-head coverage. (Photo: Hunter Industries)

Consistent coverage is the key to selecting the right products for each individual job site. read more

Rain Bird teams up with Flume to reduce outdoor water use

April 22, 2023By

A combined system of Rain Bird controllers and Flume's water monitor will help homeowners detect leaks and adjust water use by zone. read more