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From start to finish: Irrigation startups and shutdowns

August 10, 2018By
Man setting irrigation system

For an irrigation system to run properly throughout the warm summer months, it’s important that it’s turned on and off correctly at the beginning and end of each season. No one knows this better than Tom Horn, president of All-n-One Outdoor Solutions in Jefferson City, Mo., and a trainer for Rain Bird. “The importance of a proper turn-on is to... read more

Rain Bird: LNK WiFi Module

June 12, 2018By

Rain Bird’s LNK WiFi module enables contractors and their customers to manage irrigation remotely via a free mobile app. Compatible with the company’s new ESP-Me and ESP-TM2 controllers, the LNK WiFi module receives weather information from the internet, automatically adjusting system schedules. Users receive notifications that assist with system troubleshooting, diagnostics and operation. The LNK WiFi module is designed for... read more

Rain Bird: R-Van adjustable rotary nozzles

May 16, 2018By

Rain Bird’s R-VAN rotary nozzles are hand-adjustable, eliminating the need for special tools. These nozzles offer a low precipitation rate that reduces run-off and erosion, making them a particularly wise choice for slopes and compacted soils. A high level of distribution uniformity, thick wind-resistant streams and larger water droplets ensure efficient performance, even in adverse conditions. R-VAN nozzles are compatible with... read more

Rain Bird unveils new commercial drip control zone kit

April 17, 2018By

Rain Bird introduced a fully assembled 1.5-inch inline commercial drip control zone kit. It includes a 15-62 gpm flow rate to cover larger drip zones with fewer components. “Our new control zone kit provides contractors and specifiers with an all-in-one solution that delivers convenience and savings to large drip zone installations,” said Ivonne Meza, product manager for Rain Bird’s Landscape... read more

Rain Bird launches new online training courses

March 21, 2018By

Rain Bird Services is now offering two new online training courses: “Rain Bird Factory-Trained Decoder Technician” and “Rain Bird Factory-Trained Residential Controller Technician.” Participants who complete either of the two online courses and pass their online exams by a score of 70 percent or greater will also earn a Rain Bird Factory-Trained designation. The Rain Bird Factory-Trained Decoder Technician course covers... read more

Rain Bird brings Amazon’s Alexa to irrigation control

March 5, 2018By

Rain Bird is using Amazon’s voice-activated personal assistant, Alexa, to change up how users manage irrigation systems. In the U.S. and Canada, Alexa commands can now be used with Rain Bird’s professional series controllers, the ESP-TM2 and ESP-Me, when outfitted with a LNK WiFi Module, as well as with ST8-WiFi controllers offered through retail channels. International availability is being planned... read more