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Tips to choose the right nozzles and heads

April 25, 2023By
It’s crucial to know thresholds for zone sizes to ensure proper head-to-head coverage. (Photo: Hunter Industries)

Consistent coverage is the key to selecting the right products for each individual job site. read more

Rain Bird teams up with Flume to reduce outdoor water use

April 22, 2023By

A combined system of Rain Bird controllers and Flume's water monitor will help homeowners detect leaks and adjust water use by zone. read more

What goes into the launch of a new irrigation product?

April 13, 2023By
Newly created irrigation products go through several stages of testing before hitting the market. (Photo: Hunter Industries)

Manufacturers spend countless hours bringing products from concept to completion. Learn more about the research and development of new irrigation products. read more

Get to know how rotors can be a successful tool for irrigators

February 15, 2023By
Rotors help efficiently move water to where it needs to be according to Jeff Johnson, product manager for Rain Bird. (Photo: Rain Bird)

Jeff Johnson, senior product manager for Rain Bird, gives his insights on why a rotor is a useful tool for irrigation pros. read more

Get the 411 on pressure-regulated spray bodies

December 27, 2022By
(Photo: Rain Bird)

As many states mandate the use of pressure-regulated sprinkler bodies, experts from Hunter and Rain Bird share what you need to know. read more

Attendees say 2022 Irrigation Show was a return to form

December 13, 2022By
Irrigation professionals, manufacturers and distributors flocked to Las Vegas for the annual Irrigation Show and Education Week. (Photo: LM Staff)

Attendees touted the 2022 Irrigation Show and Education Week in Las Vegas as a return to form for the Irrigation Association's flagship event. read more