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High Performance: How to flip the script on raising prices

April 12, 2022By
(Photo: Kozlik_Mozlik / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images)

Phil Harwood shares how to telling clients you need to raise your prices for services can go off without a hitch like a Broadway play. read more

High Performance: Why rising costs should equal rising prices

August 9, 2021By
Photo: sarayut/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Phil Harwood shares how your business can and should address the rising costs of doing business by raising prices to keep your gross profit margin growing. read more

Resolve to raise prices

February 22, 2018By

Everything is going up: the stock market, gross national product, the cost of labor, your overhead expenses. Yes, everything is going up except your pricing. Resolve that this year, you will raise your prices. This simple act doesn’t require a big announcement with balloons and confetti and letters to customers. You don’t have to raise prices everywhere and all at... read more

3 avenues to better manage pricing

January 1, 2010By

We live in deflationary times. Simply put, there’s less money chasing many goods and services. It’s the opposite of inflation, to which we’re more accustomed. What this means for you is that raising prices is a sure way to reduce revenue — and not having a plan to save the customer money will render you uncompetitive much of the time.... read more