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SafetyWatch: Understand loading, operating limits

July 23, 2018By

There’s a limit to what machines can lift. These limits are different with every machine and attachment. For example, the limit of pallet forks and small landscape buckets is different because with pallet forks, the load is farther away from the loader itself. A skid-steer loader operates under the same principle. Every skid-steer has a rated operating capacity (ROC), which is the... read more

Bobcat releases new skid-steer loader

February 9, 2016By

Bobcat released the new S595 skid-steer loader. With a 2,200-pound rated operating capacity (ROC), this model has the highest ROC of any of the 500-series loaders. A standard feature for the S595 skid-steer loader is two-speed travel, with a top speed of 11 mph. S595 skid-steer loaders come with standard controls, and the Advanced Control System and Selectable Joystick Controls are... read more