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Billy Goat Industries brings the next level of aeration productivity

September 1, 2019By

To meet the growing need for a more productive and cost-efficient way of aerating, Billy Goat continues to bring advanced technology aeration to the professional landscaper with its PLUGR 25” Hydro-Drive Reciprocating Aerator. This aerator uses a reciprocating camshaft that drives tines up and down into the soil, similar to what is found on deep tine machines, and is cost... read more

Billy Goat acquires Plugr aerators

October 1, 2014By

Billy Goat Industries acquired the Plugr brand of aerators, adding to its recently introduced 30-in. hydro aerator. The company’s 2015 line of aerators now includes a 19-in. walk-behind drum aerator, 48-in. and 74-in. tow-behind drum aerators, 18-in. and 25-in. mechanical reciprocating aerators, and a 30-in. hydrostatic reciprocating aerator. Billy Goat also acquired the 36-, 48-, and 60-in. tow-behind drum aerators... read more