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Recommender: Backpack blowers

July 18, 2018By
Man using backpack blower. Photo: iStock.com/MCCAIG

What backpack blower do you recommend and why? Chad Jones Owner/operator, C-Jones Lawn & Tree Winter Haven, Fla. “The Echo 770 has incredible power, is very comfortable, always reliable and incredibly light. They help our crews work more efficiently. We have owned every major brand of backpack blower over the past 14 years, and these are the only model we purchase... read more

Recommender: Postemergent herbicides

June 18, 2018By
Man spraying herbicide. Photo: PBI-Gordon Corp.

What postemergent herbicide do you use for turf and why? Tom Winkler President, Go Organic Lawn Care Oakland, N.J. “We use a product called Lesco Three-Way to knock out weeds such as dandelions and many others. It has 2,4-D and Dicamba in it and really works well for us. It can safely be spot sprayed or blanketed across the turf... read more

Recommender: Irrigation rotors

May 15, 2018By
irrigation rotor. Photo: Rain Bird

What irrigation rotors do you recommend and why? Jason Von Eschen Owner, Von Eschen Lawn & Landscape Wagner, S.D. “I prefer the Rain Bird 5004 rotors. I have been installing them since 2003 and have had great luck with them. The triple blade wiper seal is amazing compared to other brands that leak all too often.” Chris Husband Sprinkler Nerd,... read more

Recommender: Stand-on mowers

March 19, 2018By

  What stand-on mower do you recommend and why? Daniel Dix Owner, Countywide Enterprises Flemington, N.J. “The Toro GrandStand MultiForce is an efficient stand-on mower that produces quality results. We invested in the MultiForce simply because it has the ability to service our clients year-round. The MultiForce is comfortable to operate, and it handles well. With a variety of attachments... read more

Recommender: Grub control products

February 14, 2018By
Photo: Syngenta

What grub control products do you prefer and why? Larry Taylor Organic Turf Specialist, Natural Tree & Lawn Care Avon, Mass. “I use Acelepryn for my grub control. It tends to be a bit more expensive than the other products, but the low toxicity to humans and the fact that it doesn’t have any effect on pollinating bees helps to... read more

Recommender: Mobile apps

January 22, 2018By
Photo: Toro

What mobile apps do you use for irrigation and why? Jason Steele Owner, Steele’s Landscapes Wichita, Kan. “I mainly use the Rain Bird mobile app because of the presence of Rain Bird controllers in my area. This app works well.” Jeremiah Ewing Owner, Ground Effects Lawn & Landscape Denton, Md. “I like the Hydrawise app because it gives me total... read more