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Recommender: What’s your preferred smart irrigation product and why?

July 20, 2020By
Sprinkler system (Photo: Kyryl Gorlov / iStock / Getty Images)

Irrigation experts share their preferred smart irrigation products and explain why they're so beneficial for their company. read more

Recommender: What design software do you use and why?

June 18, 2020By
Design software (Photo: Vectorworks; illustration: fonikum/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images)

Design experts from various companies across the country. reveal their preferred design software of choice and explain why. read more

Recommender: What types of mowers and mower power/engines are you using?

May 8, 2020By
Crew member mowing (Photo: Phoenix Landscape Management)

Landscape Management asked landscape professionals about the types of mowers and mower power/engines they use on a regular basis. read more

Recommender: Tips to prevent and treat dollar spot

March 11, 2020By
Dollar spot (Photo: Kevin Mathias,

What practices do you employ to prevent or treat dollar spot? Jim Nietubicz Co-Owner at Paramount Turf Co. Middleton, Del. Dollar spot is common in nitrogen-deficient soils. Although you can’t collect data on nitrogen through a standard soil test, samples should be done every year to determine what is truly going on underneath. A balanced nutrient plan through soil testing... read more

Recommender: Track loaders

March 2, 2020By
Track loader in action (Photo: John Deere)

What do you look for when you purchase or rent a track loader? Matt Goldey Project Estimator, Ocala Landscape Management Ocala, Fla. I would suggest looking at what dealers are nearby and choose from what is local. Don’t buy a piece of equipment if you can’t have it repaired or maintained by a local source. All manufacturers have their pros... read more

Recommender: Backpack blowers

July 18, 2018By
Man using backpack blower. Photo:

What backpack blower do you recommend and why? Chad Jones Owner/operator, C-Jones Lawn & Tree Winter Haven, Fla. “The Echo 770 has incredible power, is very comfortable, always reliable and incredibly light. They help our crews work more efficiently. We have owned every major brand of backpack blower over the past 14 years, and these are the only model we purchase... read more